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SEAMscan Package

The SEAMscan SPC System is an affordable, high-resolution tool for double seam inspection and measurement with SPC Reporting.


  • Saves Time:

    • Capture, measure & save seam images in less than 1 second!

    • Automatic transfer of data

    • Tailored Inspections lead operators through process

  • Highly Accurate:

    • Eliminates Operator Bias

    • In-depth analysis for advanced statistical process control (SPC)

  • Customizable Packages

    • Tailor to your budget

    • Modular Software to meet your needs

    • From stand-alone to fully-networked systems


The SEAMscan Package includes:

  • Video Seam Imager

    • Clearly illuminates & captures images of seams

    • High-resolution USB camera & precision optics

    • Rugged and reliable

    • Integrated Multiplexer for connecting up to 6 additional gauges

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  • SEAMview Inspection Software

    • Capture, measure & save seam images in < 1 second!

    • Customize inspection screens

    • Zoom Function

    • Compare to specifications with colored alerts

    • E-mail image files or use in a report document

    Visionary SPC Software

    • Easy-to-use Statistical Process Control for quick analysis of can inspection data

    • Flexible, Secure Database

    • Intuitive Inspection Reports may be shared and exported

    • Track trends and statistics with SPC Graphs

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