Seamer Set Up Gauge.png

Seamer Set Up Gauge

The SSG-2000 is an easy and accurate solution for setting up your seamer. The camera gives the user the ability to automatically measure the seamer clearance and thickness to quickly and correctly adjust the rolls. By minimizing downtime, this is especially useful for setup during changeovers and for daily use to make adjustments as the seamer warms up. The seamer setup gauge helps to determine which roll needs to be adjusted should a seam problem come up. 



  • Quick and easy seamer adjustments

  • Used for both 1st and 2nd operation seaming rolls

  • Can be used for any size can (separate chuck fit required per diameter)

  • Detect worn or damage chucks and rolls

  • Plug and play with any Windows 10 laptop or tablet

  • Portrait and landscape mode available on tablet

  • Calibration piece included