The safe, fully enclosed double seam saw for beverage cans traps seam shavings and sound inside, protecting users by dramatically reducing noise levels and keeping fingers safe.

The AGS-2000 - Beverage Seam Saw is engineered to safely cut Beverage Can Double Seams precisely and efficiently, giving you a clear image for highly reliable Double Seam Inspection. This beverage can cutter features a rugged design that will provide you with years of trouble-free performance with virtually no maintenance.

Product Highlights:

  • Simple and ergonomic design provides safe operation
  • Quiet - Totally enclosed unit cuts noise level; keeping it below 85dB
  • Saves time - Easily accessible blade compartment makes for quick blade changes and maintenance, while containing noise and can shavings
  • Holds the can securely in place to ensure high quality cuts
We love our was, without question, a very smart investment.
— Andy Hooper, Anderson Valley Brewing Co.