Tailored Craft-Specific Package

CMC-KUHNKE has worked with the craft market since the beginning of the can revolution. Based on feedback from our 100+ craft beverage customers we continue to tailor our seam package to meet the needs of the industry. 

Local Sales and Technical Support

CMC-KUHNKE is committed to localized technical support. With Main Sales & Support office in Albany, NY, Regional Sales offices in Los Angeles, CA, and in Chicago, IL, CMC-KUHNKE is always close by and available to provide your company with the support you need.


Highest Quality

The testimonials of our happy customers are the best measure of our commitment to providing the highest quality and accuracy of gauging, with industry leading R&R. We encourage you to ask around and see what our 100+ craft customers have to say. 


Measurement Experience

CMC-KUHNKE has been focused on measurement solutions exclusively within the packaging industry since 1971, often introducing ground breaking new products years before they have been offered elsewhere. CMC-KUHNKE has a wealth of experience partnering specifically with the craft beverage market over the past several years.